Roll Target

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A Commitment to Safety

Shoot with confidence, knowing that Roll Target's ®remote-control system puts safety first. Advance targets without stepping onto the range, promoting a safer shooting environment.

Safety Beyond Compromise

Miscommunication and accidents are things of the past. With Roll Target®, shooters can advance targets without stepping onto the range, ensuring safety and a harmonious shooting environment.

Efficiency and Versatility

Whether outdoors or indoors, Roll Target's® remote control target advancement system saves time and enhances efficiency, letting you focus on your shots and not on target changes.

Outdoor Rifle Ranges and Indoor Tactical Shooting

Precision Meets Safety
Roll Target® adapts seamlessly to diverse shooting environments, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and adaptability for both outdoor and indoor scenarios.

Discover Safety, Efficiency, and Durability

Explore the complete package of safety, efficiency, and durability with Roll Target’s® advanced remote-control system range of one mile.

Safe Enhancing Shooting Range Safety and Efficiency

The Ultimate Benefits of Roll Target® Systems. In the ever-evolving landscape of shooting ranges, safety, and efficiency stand as paramount considerations. The advent of Roll Target® systems brings about a paradigm shift that not only addresses these concerns but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation and target management.

Safety Takes Center Stage

A Shield Against Litigation. In today’s litigious society, safety has become a paramount concern for shooting ranges across the United States. The litigious environment means that any unfortunate incident could lead to legal actions that impact the reputation and financial stability of the range. Roll Target® systems offer an indispensable solution by reducing human interaction downrange. Shooters and range staff alike can now control target changes remotely, eliminating the need for individuals to venture downrange, minimizing the risk of accidents, and subsequently mitigating the potential for lawsuits. By investing in Roll Target® systems, shooting ranges can position themselves as leaders in safety-conscious practices, instilling confidence in shooters and ensuring peace of mind for both range management and visitors.

The device comes with a 150 ft starter roll kit

Additional rolls can be purchased


150 ft

300 ft

600 ft

We make the shooting range safer and more
efficient allowing you to shoot in all

Patented weather resistance targets with
our patented water-resistant targeting film